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The Thrill Of Europe & How To Make The Most Of It

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In 1992 I went interrailing with my friend Paul. We’d spent most of our money on the tickets so planned to save what little cash we had left by sleeping on overnight trains whenever we could. We soon developed a routine of arriving at a station in the evening, looking...

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A MEETING IN A MEETING ROOM Editor: OK, I can’t sit on this any longer – we’ve got a new Harper Lee novel! Sales/Marketing person 1: Harper..? Editor: Harper Lee! To Kill A Mockingbird! Sales/Marketing person 2: OK… S/M1: Is there not already a book called that?...

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With suicide in the news at the moment, it was by some coincidence yesterday that I happened to stumble across a particularly sad instance from the late eighteenth-century that took place practically on my doorstep. According to newspaper reports from the time a...

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The summer of 1990: the World Cup, World In Motion, Big Jack’s Army and all the rest of it. I’d come back from my first year at university needing a job to tide me over until the autumn and I got one – washing up in the kitchens of Bromley Hospital. The work was hard...