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There are two weeks to go now before I tackle the Bath Half Marathon for the Alzheimer’s Society and I’ve just completed my third month of training. What have I learnt so far? Well, while the training itself can admittedly be agony, the rest of the time everything...

Order Cheap Tramadol Cod

You can read the opening instalment of this sweaty saga here, and find out why I’m putting myself through this here. Look at that face. Yes, yes, I know, devilishly handsome and inexplicably youthful and all that, very kind of you to say so, but it’s also the...

Tramadol Overnight Shipping Visa

As some of you will already know I’m running [sic] the Bath Half Marathon this year in aid of the Alzheimer’s Society. My brilliant dad is now permanently in a care home in Bath as a result of the disease and if I can raise a bit of cash to stop this happening to...

By Tramadol Online Uk

WG Grace, who died a century ago today, lived through extraordinary times. He was born in 1848 as revolutions and a wave of hope swept across Europe and the world and died in 1915 just as it became clear that the war in Europe was destined to be the most devastating...

Online Tramadol Overnight

In 1985 Hugh McIlvanney wrote after the sudden death of Jock Stein of “the larcenous nature of death, its habit of breaking in on us when we are least prepared and stealing the irreplaceable”. McIlvanney’s words came immediately to my mind on hearing of the death...