It’s been a while since I’ve been on Excess Baggage, so it was just like old times when I was on this morning, apart from me being a bit older and probably a bit fatter, that is. Poor old Sandi had a pretty horrible chest infection that made her sound a bit like Brando in the Godfather, but it was a fun show and you can listen to it by clicking on the link back there.
Traveller’s Tree came to a triumphant halt last week. It was an absolute blast to do and I was dead lucky to work with the frankly brilliant Fi Glover in my first foray into radio presenting, as she’s pretty much the best in the business. There’s another series commissioned for the summer, so hopefully I’ll be involved again. I’m not taking anything for granted as I always think I’m a bit rubbish, especially at something I’m new to like radio, but fingers crossed.
Talking of being rubbish, another stinking review for In Search Of Elvis, in the Guardian today. Naturally my first instinct was to think, “my God, he’s absolutely right!”, but then I realised that the review was full of so many errors that the bloke clearly hadn’t read huge swathes of the book, and those he had read had been skim-read at best. The best bit was when he had a pop at me for not writing the Finnish chapter as if it were a scene from a Kaurismaki film. Now Aki Kaurismaki is probably my favourite filmmaker, so if there had been any similarities between my meeting with Doctor Ammondt and, say, The Man Without A Past I would probably have mentioned it. But there wasn’t. So I didn’t. Essentially, the reviewer missed the point of the book by such a distance that the review is probably just passing Ursa Minor Beta as you read this.
Anyway, listen to me, whinging about a bad review. I’m almost like a proper writer…
Before Christmas I popped into Stanford’s travel bookshop in Covent Garden to scrawl in some books for them. While there I did an interview for their website that you can find here.