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Now, you know me, any chance to say hats off to the shipping forecast and I’m all over it like Donald Trump’s golf slacks over his ginormous behind. Yet today is an exception. There are stories in the news hailing this day as the 150th anniversary of the...

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When news broke on Tuesday evening that Bap Kennedy had died it was as if the world took a blow to the solar plexus. It wasn’t entirely unexpected given the bleakness of his cancer diagnosis earlier this year, but the wave of grief that washed through social media...

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In 1992 I went interrailing with my friend Paul. We’d spent most of our money on the tickets so planned to save what little cash we had left by sleeping on overnight trains whenever we could. We soon developed a routine of arriving at a station in the evening, looking...

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Online Tramadol Overnight

Sixteen years ago today on the gloriously warm spring afternoon of April 29th 2000 Charlton Athletic collected the League Championship trophy in front of a capacity crowd at The Valley. Sixteen years sounds like a long time ago but I’ve reached an age now where it...

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I am aware I have been banging on about this half-marathon as if I’m the first person ever to have run one for far too long. In my defence it’s been in an attempt to distract you with bad jokes while picking your pocket for sponsorship cash. So before detailing the...

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Last night I stripped down to my underpants and paid a man to rub me for an hour. It’s something I haven’t done since that weekend in Hamburg whe… erm, it’s not something I’ve ever done before, but such is my dedication to getting round this half marathon with a...

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