I had some rather startling news last week. “Attention All Shipping” has, it seems, been selected as one of the top forty audiobooks of all time. OF ALL TIME. Now, granted, audiobooks haven’t been around that long – there were no mastodons plugging Alex Jennings’ reading into their iPods or anything – but, my goodness, that came as a surprise.
There’ll be some kind of public vote to select the number one at the end of the month, so I shall of course be entreating everyone and anyone to cast their vote shippingward when the time comes. I promise Ant and Dec will not be involved in the vote in any way. You know it makes sense. I mean, who is Stephen Fry?
I am just putting the finishing touches to the new book March of Time (although some marketing heads have decreed that the title, of which I was quite proud, might have to change), and will actually quite miss my long walks. I’d say I’ll be carrying them on for sheer pleasure alone, but I’m lazy and disorganised so probably won’t. I will keep up the walking though, not least for my continuing column in Country Walking magazine.
In the meantime I am currently separated from my beloved ukuleles. It was supposed to be a book-finishing act of discipline, but I’m going up the walls here without so much as a plink or a plonk to be felt at my fingertips. Hence I have succumbed and purchased a cheap one by mail order to see me through.
It’s a recognised condition among ukulele players, so I was delighted to discover the existence of the support group below.