Saw my showbiz pal Mikey Rowe last night. Mike tickles the ivories in Sheryl Crow’s band and has been in the US for a few weeks. They did a TV show on Wednesday, which happened also to include the Dallas Cowboys cheerleading squad. Wednesday was also Mike’s birthday, and as you’ll see from the picture, he celebrated in style. Not sure why he’s wearing two cashew nuts on a string around his neck though.
I’ve also uploaded a still from the Holiday film of me wearing a suit, just to prove that it actually happened.
Like most football fans I was saddened by the death of George Best. Whatever the rights and wrongs of his personality – and I lost a close relative who was a gifted sportsman to drink at roughly the same age – he should be remembered for what made him famous: the things he could do with a football. There’s a downloadable video clip here that gives an inkling of the ability the man had. You can see in his face the joy and happiness he had with the ball at his feet – possibly the only time he had those in his life.
Rest in peace, maestro.