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We talk about the weather a lot. It confounds us, exasperates us, occasionally it even delights us. It dominates our conversation, especially with strangers and new acquaintances. But few of us know much about where it comes from, how it happens and how people can go...

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Something strange seems to have happened to footballers’ autographs. I wish I still had my autograph book. It was packed with the signatures of just about every Charlton player whose time at The Valley straddled the seventies and eighties, many of them several times...

By Tramadol Online Uk

Graffiti these days can be pretty sophisticated but when I was growing up it was almost purely about sloganeering. Where today’s graffitist packs a dust mask and a bag of spray cans in all colours, back in the seventies their only equipment was a bucket of whitewash...