Just watched Australia qualify for the World Cup at the expense of Uruguay on a very dodgy streaming internet link. Hats off to the Aussies, although I am most disappointed that Uzbekistan didn’t make it having watched them come back from 0-2 down to beat Kuwait 3-2 when I was in Tashkent this year. The Uzbeks were knocked out by Bahrain in the next round of play-offs, having appealed against the result of a game they, er, won and FIFA ordering the match to be replayed. Most bizarre. But then Uzbekistan is a bizarre place, as you’ll discover when you read the new book.
Got a frantic couple of months of travel coming up, beginning this weekend when I head back to Canada. Israel, Scotland, Wales and Germany follow between now and Christmas, then I spend most of January in north America. And the whole book has to be finished by the end of March. Erk.
My first Holiday film is, as far as I know, still due to go out on Monday but I’m told these things are often subject to change. More news as it happens. Or doesn’t, as the case may be.