Now then. I’ve done a few events in my time, from lecturing at the Royal Geographical Society to an hour-long book signing at Aberdeen airport during which I signed not a single book (but pointed a couple of people towards the check-in desks).
This one is different.
This one is special.
On Sunday, October 26th I’ll be doing what the promoters have labelled a ‘one-man show’ about the shipping forecast actually on the Cutty Sark. I’m one man and I’ll be making a show of myself, so it’s probably appropriate.
It’s an appropriate venue too, being a) a ship, and b) in the place where Attention All Shipping begins and ends, but not only that, having lived in and around Greenwich for nearly all my life I’ve been on and off the Cutty Sark ever since I was knee-high to a buxom saucy figurehead.
I love the Cutty Sark. Some might argue that it’s even no coincidence that I left the country soon after the terrible fire she suffered in 2007 and only returned when she was all fixed up again and lifted out of the concrete dry dock onto the magnificent glass wave as part of the restoration.
That’s mainly why this event is particularly special for me. In addition, the shipping forecast in the form we know today is ninety years old this year and as Attention All Shipping came out ten years ago (yes I do look too young, thanks for saying so) it’s a bit of a celebration all round even if you take out my rampant, bouncing self-indulgence.
The venue in the Cutty Sark’s lower hold is quite small so if you do want to come then I suggest you buy your tickets early (the organisers seem to think it’ll sell out). It promises to be a great night: there’ll be history, travel, stories, iffy jokes, a bar and an interval and everything.
Here’s the official event page, while here’s a direct link to buy tickets.
See you there. If I don’t, basically I’ll never speak to you again.