The meeting with the swanky telly people seemed to go quite well yesterday. To my immense relief, none of them wore ridiculous trendy glasses, were called anything like Tristan and didn’t use horrendous corporate language. I like them a lot.
There was much talk of the travel series they inexplicably may want me to front and, due no doubt to a favourable juxtaposition of planets, we even came up with an exciting whole new series idea for which I’m now working on a proposal. So, be warned, the big, stupid Connelly phizzog may well be gurning into your living room before long. And to think they say television is dumbing down….
I’m just off to the pub to watch Germany v Poland, but not before witnessing the following exchange on ITV before the Tunisia v Saudi Arabia game. Now, those of you who’ve read Spirit High and Passion Pure might know a little about Spanish regionalism in sport despite my garbled attempts to explain it, so you can imagine my jaw-dropping astonishment when I witnessed the following exchange between Gabby Logan, Ruud Gullit and Andy Townsend:
Gabby – Why can’t the spaniards play together, Ruud? Is it because of club rivalries?
Ruud – For sure! The Basques for instance feel no real loyalty to Spain.
Townsend – Well that’s pathetic! The coach should sort it out!
Ruud – Yes, but it’s more complicated than that..
Townsend – No, it’s pathetic! I wanna see what happens they go 1-0 down, see what character they have then!!
It all suddenly makes sense! The answer to the Basque problem lies with the Spanish coach knocking a few heads together. Next week: Andy solves the Middle East crisis by getting the Israelis and Palestinians together for a game of two touch five-a-side on the training ground. Israelis in shirts, Palestine go skins.