Thanks a million to everyone who voted in the Greatest Audiobooks of All Time poll – as a result of your cyberclicking, Attention All Shipping is now officially the Second Greatest Audiobook of All Time. Even though they still can’t spell my name.
As you’ll see from the link, I am now confirmed as being better than Shakespeare, something I’ve known all along of course, and have taken to signing things as the Greatest Living Audiobook Author.
You’ll be glad to see I’ve not let it go to my head, not in the slightest.
In other news, I’ve finished recording the Noel Coward programme for Radio 4 that goes out on August 31st. Charlotte the genius of a producer has sent me a rough cut and it sounds amazing – she even makes me sound plausible which is an achievement in itself.
Hurrahs and big sloppy kisses to all.