Well after a month chugging across America it’s finally time to head for home. I’m in the Business Centre (sorry, Center) at Honolulu Airport preparing for a long schlep halfway around the globe. Two overnight flights and a whole day in the throbbing house of fun that Cincinnati airport must inevitably be.
Hawaii’s an amazing place – so… unAmerican in lots of ways. Was at the Arizona Memorial at Pearl Harbour (sorry, harbor) yesterday, which was very moving. Thousands of people go there – I arrived at 9am on a Sunday and still had to queue for an hour.
So, back to dear old Blighty it is. I wonder how it’s coped without me…
See y’all back in the old country. First job will be to bash out February’s newsletter, so if you haven’t signed up already do so here. Well, if you want to that is. No obligation or anything. Just thought you might want to. Oh don’t be like that, I was only saying… Oh well, do what you like, nobody’s forcing you.