Greetings from Memphis. I’m writing this from a internet cafe a stone’s throw from Sun Studio, an internet cafe that seems also to double up as a knitwear shop. I’ve not been surrounded by this many cardigans since I was on Fair Isle.
Memphis is extraordinary. There’s music pulsing through the air here. You know that air of expectancy you get at a gig just before the band come’s on? The instruments are all set up on stage, the PA’s hissing and the excitement and anticipation just pulse through the place? That’s what it’s like all the time in Memphis, it’s just in the air.
I’ve just done a recording at Sun Studio in fact, the home of rock’n’roll. Given my inadvertent penchant for performing (sic) Blue Moon of Kentucky in strange places (live on Uzbek national television for example), I’ve just ‘cut’, as I believe the musicians say, a version in the very studio that Elvis recorded his version. Hurrah!
Anyway, better crack on, I’m obstructing some serious cardigan shoppers.