Was up at Stanfords this morning, signing some books for their Christmas stock. You might recall that at he start of this year, Attention All Shipping was top of Stanfords bestsellers’ list for three months. What do you mean you don’t believe me? The pictorial evidence is here.
The book won’t be flying off the shelves in quite the same quantities this year, but I managed to scrawl in the front of a good number of copies. Hurrah!
Another Christmas bash tomorrow, and on Friday I’m meeting my old friend Jo from university for the first time in a good twelve years. Jo and family live in Ottawa, Canada, and are flying over to see her other half’s family for Christmas. So that’ll be nice. Jo knits. A lot. Check out her blog if you don’t believe me.
With Christmas on the way, nobody wants to do any work, right? Well, you can idle away your days as I do at the moment by playing penguin baseball. Click on the yeti to release the penguin, then click again to whack it into kingdom come. My record distance is 320.6. Can anyone top that?
In other news, I can exclusively reveal advance clips of the Bollywood film version of Attention All Shipping. Have a look at them here, here and here.