I’m down in the wilds of murky, misty Dorset at the moment. My folks moved down here a few years ago so I’m staying with them because I’ve got a couple of bits to do down here. First of all I had to get the car MOT’d – the cost of the pre-MOT repairs added to having the brakes replaced a month ago meant that in the last few weeks I’ve spent twice as much money as the car’s worth in getting the bloody thing repaired.
Then this afternoon I have a meeting at the RNLI about a big fundraising expedition I’m planning next summer. having said nice things about them in the book, I keep being invited to RNLI events. Which is very nice, obviously. But rather than keep eating their lunches and trousering their goodie bags, I thought it was about time I actually tried to bolster their resources rather than drain them.
In other news, I’m told my first Holiday programme film will be going out a week on Monday, the 21st. They sent me on a Mills and Boon romantic fiction writing course in a pink castle in Scotland. No, I still can’t quite believe it either.
Elsewhere, Liechtenstein take on Macedonia in a friendly in Vaduz this weekend, basking in the afterglow of an impressive World Cup qualifying campaign.
And what on earth is this all about?