Well, baste me with a giant spatula if Charlton didn’t knock Chelsea out of the Carling Cup last night. OK, it was only a tin pot competition, but it’s one we’ve always been notoriously rubbish in, and it was Chelsea. I always found Chelsea to be highly amusing until they actually started winning things, so now they’ve become a bit irritating. Especially after the sand pitch fiasco of a couple of years ago.
The away ticket allocation sold out ages ago, which is practically unheard of at Charlton these days, so I couldn’t go, but I’ve seen us win at Stamford Bridge before so can kind of picture what went on. Of course, we’ll now go and lose to some two bob outfit in the next round like we normally do, but hey.
The Oldie jolly-up the other night was a whole bunch of fun. Spent most of the evening talking to the authors of this rather splendid website and book, mainly about biscuits, and had a thorughly splendid time. The celeb count was high and included the likes of Patricia Routledge, Richard Wilson, Sheila Hancock, Maureen Lipman and my old pal Barry Cryer and, being an Oldie event, it finished at 8.30 allowing a leisurely stroll onto the Strand and an agreeable dinner at a civilised hour.
My procrastination today has not been helped by stumbling across this website, on which I’ve been having hours of mischievous fun, largely at the expense of Chelsea and Crystal Palace.