Just taken delivery of a couple of advance copies of the new edition of Stamping Grounds. Very nice it looks too. In a clever subliminal piece of marketing, the cover looks very similar to Attention All Shipping so that you won’t even notice you’ve bought it until you get home. Clever stuff, marketing. It’s already shot up to 159,133rd place on Amazon as I write this, so I’ll just sit back and wait for the huge royalty cheques to come in.
I still can’t believe that it’s more than five years since I first went to Liechtenstein and ran into Griselda at the guesthouse in Vaduz. I wonder where she is now. Out in the forest torturing woodland animals, probably.
It’s my first speaking gig for ages tonight – for the British Guild of Travel Writers. I’m a bit ring rusty, so speaking to a room full of people who know far more about travel and writing than I ever will is certainly in at the deep end. So, sink or swim Connelly.