It was my birthday last week – I know, you all forgot – in celebration of which the fragrant Donna bought me an iPod. Now, as most of you will know I am both a Luddite and a complete technical ignoramus, but I have gone absolutely iPod bonkers. I can’t get enough of my iPod. It’s amazing. The size of a packet of slim panatellas and it holds your entire record collection (I’ve loaded about 2,500 songs on so far, and I’m only just hitting my stride).
I now go nowhere with my iPod. When I woke up this morning Donna politely pointed out that I still had the natty white earphones plugged into my lugs from the night before. I’ve even just had a shave while still wired for sound. An extraordinary invention as a result of which I have become a crashing bore, although no-one seems to have noticed the difference.
Anyway, to matters of greater import. The Book Standard, a New York based book trade magazine, recently featured an article bigging up the state of British travel writing in which Attention All Shipping gets a mention. Read all about it here.
The Radio 4 ‘Reunion’ programme I was helping out with in Bosnia a couple of weeks back went out yesterday. If you missed it, I think it’s on again on Friday; alternatively you can listen to it online. Do listen though, it’s an extraordinary programme.
Right, better go for now as I’m due in the pub in 25 minutes and if I’m late my friend Eleanor will go off like hurricane Katrina. More news as it happens.
PS Happy birthday Miss Tanya for last Saturday.