You can’t knock Bruce Forsyth. I missed Bruce Forsyth’s Comedy Heroes the first time it was broadcast, but thankfully I caught a repeat last night – the man is a legend. He manages to remain immensely likeable despite a gargantuan ego – just about every clip of his comedy heroes managed to feature Bruce himself, and there was the magnificent comment: “Tommy Cooper once shared a dressing room with the six biggest stars in the world – and had us in stitches”.
I can heartily recommend his autobiography – again a winning combination of charm and self-adoration. Another autobiography for which I wait with breath that’s bated is Eric Sykes’s forthcoming tome. Bruce and Eric – arguably the two greatest living Englishmen today. Oh, and Clive Mendonca of course, purely for his hat-trick in the 1998 play-off final at Wembley.
And how’s this for a bizarre website.