Traveller’s Tree kicks off its new series tomorrow; six more weeks of fun, frolics and me reading out a telephone number. The first show is a destination guide to Barcelona, a city I’ve never actually visited. So I’ll have lots to contribute.
I was at the preview night of the London Art Fair last night, ostensibly to support my sister’s stand but mainly to swank around in the VIP section quaffing free champagne and trying to remember not to pick my nose, or at least to do it more surreptitiously than normal. As expected was a mixture of right old tosh and the odd bit of clever stuff, cooed over by, in the main, gay men with shaved heads and fashionable spectacles. Ooh, and some bloke out of Westlife visited my sister’s stand. They are a popular beat combo, apparently.
I’m just back from a quick jaunt to the Isle of Man, where it was rainy, windy, rainy and windy. Oh, and it rained a lot and was really windy too. I was walking a trail from one end of the island to the other, much of which turned out to be flooded. So I ended up with near trenchfoot and looking ragged after an encounter with some barbed wire.
Those of you who’ve read Attention All Shipping might remember that I attempted to cycle the TT route on a pushbike, but found myself heading out into some of the strongest winds and biggest storms the island had seen in years. Well, I thought, at least it can’t be as bad as that this time.
Then I arrived, and this is the headline that greeted me.
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Imagine my delight. Still, despite the elements it was a terrific trip, the full story of which will be revealed when the new book’s out. Trouble is, I’ve got to write it first.