Well, the good and, frankly, bizarre news is that the first film I did for the Holiday programme, the Scotland one, has been nominated for an award. Not entirely sure what it is, save to say it’s definitely not a BAFTA, but more news to follow when there’s news to follow. Or something.
I’ll be sleeping in other beds for most of the next few weeks, as I’m off researching a new book idea next week, and shortly after that I’m off the US to do some filming, which promises to be a whole heap of fun. Not least because I get to go to New York for the first time ever.
Elsewhere, my clever sister is going great guns with her gallery; she’s even got something to do with Channel 4 now, it seems.
Liechtenstein put up a brave fight in Sweden last night – despite falling behind to an early Marcus Allback goal, super Mario Frick equalised just before the half hour mark, which led to the Liechtensteiners remaining on level terms with one of the stronger teams in Europe – England can’t beat them, but that’s not saying much – for 42 minutes, before eventually going down 1-3, a scoreline that apparently didn’t reflect the game.
Off to celebrate the award nomination tonight with the frankly brilliant director of the film Amanda Lyon. Noodles will undoubtedly be eaten. We know how to have a good time.