Hats off to my friend Polly Evans who carried off the Bradt/Independent on Sunday travel writing award during a boozy ceremony at Stanford’s last night. Well, it wasn’t boozy until we got there, but it was all good fun nonetheless.
I’d been in Cambridge all day researching a book proposal and managed to get hilariously sunburnt yet again, just as I did last month. One day I’ll learn. Actually no, I probably won’t. Either way, the combination of a day in the sun and a few glasses of wine meant I was well in my cups by the time Polly picked up her award, so my mooning the shortlisted writers and crowing “tough luck suckers, better luck next time,” probably wasn’t as well-advised as it seemed at the time. A group of us then went for a rather fine Punjabi meal afterwards, which was probably the only time the establishment in question resonated to the sound of ‘Strangers In The Night’ performed on the Armenian duduk.
Polly’s award-winning entry will appear in the Independent on Sunday this weekend.
Things are busy at the moment, as on the rare occasions I’m actually at home I’m ploughing through the Elvis manuscript. I’ve also had a draft of the Elvis book cover through, and rather snazzy it looks too. I’ll post it up here as soon as I know the good folk at Time Warner don’t mind me doing so.
Saw Jeffrey Bernard Is Unwell at the Garrick at the weekend by the way, which was hilarious. I’ve been pretty lucky with theatrical choices recently, and this was another winner.