First the bad news – the Principality of Sealand is on fire. The blaze apparently broke out in a generator, and a Sealander has been airlifted to hospital after attempting to tackle the blaze. Let’s hope he or she is ok and that the damage isn’t too severe.
**According to the East Anglian Daily Times the damage to Sealand is pretty bad. More here. Thankfully it seems as though the man airlifted to hospital is ok.
*** Here’s the latest – Michael’s vowing to rebuild.
OK, on to happier things. I had an amazing e-mail from my friend Constance, who lives just outside Frankfurt, a couple of days ago. Given the news this morning that a hundred England fans have been arrested for running riot in Stuttgart’s main square – where we filmed for the Holiday programme last year – something like Constance’s e-mail shows that the World Cup can be a hugely positive event that goes beyond sport and idiot English supporters. Here it is in its entirety:
“Hi there…
“Do you have a crystal ball or something??? How did you know that Holland and Argentina would finish the match without any goals??? Cool stuff!!! So I better trust you on the German thing!!! Would be great anyway!!! Germany is so going mad! I bought myself a little flag for my car today!!! My first own German flag! And last week before the match against Poland was the first time I sang the German anthem…
“All this things going on in Germany right now is something outstanding for my generation… I mean here in Germany we have never been allowed to show any kind of national pride without being accused of being nazis. We have never learned our national anthem at school or anywhere else. I think I have never seen the German flag on a private building and I still try to find excuses for saying that my country is great and that I am proud of being German.
“OK, thinking of what has happened in the second world war it was maybe the right way to be rather ‘moderate’ when it came to national pride. There was not too much we could have been proud of! But for my generation all this is nothing but history. We were kids when the cold war came to an end and now we live in a great and peaceful country. And all we want is to be proud of all this.
“Now we got this World Cup. Our team plays great and they give us a reason for being proud. There are people from all over the world who say that Germany was so great, that they enjoyed being here, that they think the
Germans were very friendly, that the organization was great, the atmosphere outstanding… And all after sudden everybody here is proud to say ‘yes, I am German, I am a part of all this!’… And our team plays better and better…
“During the last six weeks more German flags have been sold than during the previous sixty years. That shows how thirsty we all were for what is going on now. It feels like a dream… We show the world how great we
are. – in a very healthy way!!! This euphoria can’t be put into words. After the miracle of Bern the miracle of Berlin would be another historic happening (am scared to use the term ‘victory’… Guess history still got
me!). Maybe it would change our whole attitude towards our nation! Hopefully it will…
“Well, but back into reality! Got to clean up my flat!!! But I thought I would say hi befor going to Venezuela. Most propably my mobile won’t have any reception and most certainly I will not have the time to go to an
internet café since the weather is supposed to be super great so I will spend all my time outside, busy tanning, beach-bumming, having cocktails and great food!!!
Take care!
I’m still working on the second TV proposal for the BBC, but it’s a belting idea and the swanky production company are confident it’s got a good chance of being commissioned. I found the time however to go to the Che Guevara exhibition at the Victoria and Albert Museum, and see the Arctic climate change exhibition at the Natural History Museum too. I’d only popped in to the see the dinosaur as One Of Our Dinosaurs is missing is one of my all time favourite films,so was pleasantly surprised to find the exhibition as Svalbard is a place I would love to go. If you get the chance to see either exhibition, make haste and go.