Well I’d like to tell you that since my last posting here I’ve been living the life of Riley, when Riley was enjoying a particularly hedonstic period in his fun-packed life, but alas chronic fatigue syndrome can kinda put the kybosh on general fun and larks. Fortunately I’m back on my feet now, just in time for the work grindstone to pull my not inconsiderble nose towards it with harpie-like efficiency.
On Monday I did my first talk about Attention All Shipping for a while, to the massed ranks of employees at the RNLI’s frankly splendid Lifeboat College in Poole. It was a lunchtime event, and probably one of the best I’ve done in quite a while as it turned out. They laughed in all the right places, luckily for my crippling feelings of self-doubt.
In the evening I met up with the lovely Katie, erstwhile girlfriend as featured in, well, every book so far. Nice to have a proper catch up at last. I even paid, which was big of me considering she funded the entire household during my first three books…
Next week I head back to Liechtenstein for their friendly against World Cup finalists Togo, which should be a blast as I’ve not been back since they played England a couple of years ago. There’s also a television documentary about the Middle East in the pipeline later in the summer; more news about that as it happens, if it happens. Been quite a lot of interest though, which is nice. I’ve also had an e-mail today about another possible TV project – these people clearly haven’t seen my Holiday programme appearances…
In addition, the fine folk at Time Warner are now starting to openly wonder about what the next book will be, so it’s time to get the thinking cap on. Yikes.
In the meantime, a couple of sneak preview pics from the Elvis book. Here I am with Ontario’s Elvis Priestley, singing an a cappella version of Blue Moon of Kentucky, while here I’m in Norway meeting the Norwegian Elvis Kjell Bjornestad. Giving my startling photogenicity, these are pictures that will surely whet your appetite for the book itself, eh? Eh..?
The eagle-eyed amongst you may have noticed there’s been no North Atlantic Drifter newsletter this month. There are lots of reasons for this, not least the rather time-consuming matter of writing more than 92,000 words in a vaguely understandable and agreeable manner. However, the June edition will be a bumper summer special, just like the Beezer used to produce for the holiday season. Rest assured though, there will be no pictures of me in swimming trunks. If you’ve not done so already, sign up for the free, allegedly monthly newsletter by clicking here. Well, you start by clicking there, there’s a small bit of typing involved. But not much.